Saturday, August 27, 2011

What’s the Most Important Thing?

            What’s the most important thing when planning a wedding? Well the bride and groom, of course!  All joking aside, for most couples, the wedding venue is the most important thing.  Finding the perfect wedding venue that is available for the special date that’s been chosen can be a tricky endeavor -- that’s why this should be the first thing couples secure.  The venue is the foundation of the wedding.  Some couples have a specific date that they must be married on and others may have a specific location where they must be married at.  Weddings can take place on the anniversary of when the two first met, in a special church or next to the ocean as the sun sets.

            If a couple is having a traditional church wedding, they should contact the church office first to see if the date is available, and if it is, reserve it right away.  With a church wedding, a reception location is also needed.  So, once the church is secure, find that perfect setting for the celebration.  If living in a small town, these venues are going to be harder to come by, so the availability will be more limited.  In a big city, there will be more to choose from, but there will also be numerous other people to compete with.  Venues such as hotel ballrooms can also be hard to reserve because not only do folks have their weddings there, they are used for business meetings, corporate parties and other large events.

            The bride and groom may decide that the date isn’t as important as the actual location where they want their nuptials to unfold.  If they want to make sure that the wedding and reception are at a favorite winery in the fall or on the beach in Hawaii, but the date can be flexible, then they may have an easier time.  However, it’s still the first and foremost thing that should be determined.  Once the venue is set, then the details can fall into place.  The dress, the flowers, the photographer, the decorations can all be selected and based around the special location.  For instance, if being married in a beach setting, the bride’s gown will probably differ than if she were to be married at a formal church.  Some venues will not need many decorations due to their existing elegance, but if the reception is in a relative’s backyard, then appropriate décor will have to be purchased.  For all these reasons, no matter where the wedding will take place, the venue should be secured first to guaranty that the show can go on!



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