Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A Special Gift!

Being in the military or having a loved one in the military is definitely an honorable thing. Not only are they risking their lives for our country, but they are also sacrificing their own time with loved ones in order to protect our freedoms. Not only do I salute these great men and women, but I also have an immense amount of respect for their families, especially their significant others. I know several women who have men fighting overseas, so I can see how hard it is. It is our job, as a society, to support these families and I believe Brides Across America has the right idea. 


Brides Across America is a non-profit organization and has recently put together a campaign to help women in uniform, as well as future military wives, find their dream wedding dress. There are several wedding boutiques all across America that are giving away wedding gowns to military brides. Most boutiques have set aside 25 to 30 dresses that have either been donated from designers or have been discontinued from the store. Dresses range in sizes from 4-22 and are given away on a first-come, first-serve basis. All of the dresses range anywhere from $700 to $5,000, so brides can find the perfect wedding dress and walk away with a great deal. The only requirement is that women must show a drivers license or military ID, as well as deployment papers. The brides or their loved ones must either be on active duty and will be deploying to Afghanistan, Iraq or to Qatar or was deployed within the past five years to Afghanistan, Iraq  or to Qatar.


Brides Across America was created by Heidi Janson in 2007 after believing that she needed to find a way to help those people who are serving our country. She thought that helping them with their wedding would be a special and unique way to help, since many of them have to pay for everything themselves. The movement started in several boutiques, but quickly spread all over the country and more recently overseas. The organization has given away over 5,000 dresses to date, and hope to continue expanding.
If you believe you qualify for this organization, or would like to help in some way please visit their website.



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