Monday, August 15, 2011

Identity Crisis: Wedding Style

The first dance, a reception staple, is having a identity crisis. For years it was a simple dance to a sweet, romantic song. Now couples are starting to incorporate energetic, sometimes silly, dancing and pop songs.

The first dance doesn't know what to do with itself. Is it a quiet moment for the bride and groom to share during the festivities? Is it a way to introduce the couple's style to their friends and family? Is it entertainment for the guests? Who knows?

To help the first dance sort itself out, let's look at some of its different forms.

This first video got over 12 million views on Youtube and is greatly entertaining.

This video, while similar to the first, has a goofier tone. The couple doesn't take themselves seriously at all and are obviously having a blast.

This video is the closest to the traditional first dance. There's no shimmy-ing or songs with "Big butts" in the lyrics, but the couple still showed their special style by choreographing a beautiful classic dance.

This last example is one of my all time favorites. The couple choreographed a swing dance number for their first dance which wow-ed their guests and showed their enthusiasm and excitement.

So where does all this leave the first dance? I think the answer, though ambiguous, is this: the first dance should be a blessing for the couple. Whether that means surprising the guests by getting down with Baby Got Back, waltzing or swing dancing, the couple should be excited to do it and enjoy every second of it.

If you're going to be first dancing soon, there are many resources to get you started. The list of 50 classic first dance songs is great if you're looking for something more traditional (or a fake song for the beginning of a surprise dance.) How to Choose a Song for the First Dance is also helpful if you can't immediately think of one. Another thing to remember is that many local dance studios offer private classes for couples who want to look polished during their first dance.

Whatever type of first dance you choose, have fun and own it and you'll be happy with the outcome.

See you on the dance floor!

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