Thursday, August 11, 2011

Bridal Shower Galore!

Planning a successful bridal shower can be a lot of fun, but also a lot of work. It is usually the maid or matron of honor’s job to host the shower; however, it is not uncommon for the bride’s mother, sister, or soon-to-be in-laws to help out. The host is in charge of making the guest list, setting the date and location, sending out the invitations, the food, the entertainment and most importantly… the theme. 

 The theme of a bridal shower may be hard for some people because there are so many to choose from. My advice is to choose one that fits the bride’s personality as well as one that makes all of the guests comfortable. If the bride’s great aunt and grandma will be there, it is probably best to not have a sexy theme. Another suggestion would be to select a theme that fits with the wedding theme. If the bride is having a vintage wedding, then a vintage tea party bridal shower would be a great match. Below are several themes that will guarantee a good time for everyone. 

Around The Clock-
The around the clock theme has been used for years and is perfect for a bride who is moving into a new house once she is married. Each guest is assigned a certain hour, or time of the day and their gift to the bride must correspond with the time they were given. For example, if a guest was given 8:00 a.m., then she could buy a gift that has to do with drinking her morning coffee such as a coffee maker or a mug with espresso beans. Each table can be decorated with clocks and various pictures of the bride growing up. The food can also match with different times of the day, like various fresh fruit and yogurt parfaits for breakfast, small sandwiches and salads for lunch, and small finger food like chicken fingers for dinner hours and of course cookies, brownies and a cake for dessert. Entertainment can include bridal bingo, and putting events in chronological order. Last but not least, favors for this theme can include small clocks or kitchen timers for the guests.

Garden Tea Party-
A tea party theme is perfect for the bride who is a girly-girl. If the bride has everything she needs for the home, have guests bring unique gifts such as vintage looking frames, accessories, unique teas, etc. The guest will be forced to get creative with their gifts, which many times, leads to a fun experience for the bride when opening her gifts. Decorations should include mix and matched tea cups, saucers and plates for table centerpieces as well as small flower vases with one of two flowers in each of them. Also, feminine candles and garlands of delphiniums would be a great addition. Food should include finger sandwiches, vegetables with a garden ranch and a variety of cookies that can be included in a cookie bar. Each guest could design an over the top hat and have a fashion show for fun. And when it’s time for everyone to go, guests can leave with personalized tea bags. 

Not afraid of letting it all hang out? Well, then a lingerie party is perfect for the bride with a wild side. This theme is perfect for a bride who wants to combine her bachelorette party and bridal shower together. Have each guest bring something related to lingerie, whether it is a Victoria’s Secret gift card, a cute nighty, or a fun game for the couple to play. Food can include chocolate and champagne, red velvet cupcakes or any other romantic foods you can think of. Decorations should be fun and playful with hot pink and bows and candles. Entertainment can include games such as Never Have I Ever, Would you Rather, or Dirty Minds. Favors can include sachets or perfume samples for the girls. 

A Drink Social-
Does your group of girls like to go out for drinks? If so, then a drink social theme is great for your bride. Have guests bring two copies of their favorite drink recipe as well as a small gift such as a martini glass or a bottle opener. During the party the guests will take turns sharing their drinks with everyone and sampling some of the favorites. Have the guests put one of their copies in a bowl and mix them up. Have each guest draw from the bowl and the recipe they receive will be their favor. Serve finger foods that you would find in a bar, such as sliders and fries. You can get creative with the decorations, but make sure they are fun and inviting to everyone.

Naughty and Nice-
Have a mixed crowd? A naughty and nice theme is a fun theme for everyone. Split the guest list in half and have one half bring the bride “nice” gifts and the other half bring “naughty” gifts. For the food, you can include sweet foods like cookies and candies and foods with a kick like chips and spicy salsa or hot tamales. Decorations can include devil and angel type things and entertainment can include having someone read out instances that everyone answers naughty and nice. The guests that have the same answer as the bride get to stay in the game until one girl wins a prize. Guests can receive red and white candles as their favors. 

 So no matter if your bride is fun and flirty or sweet and innocence, there is a bridal shower that is perfect for her. Remember, this may be the last time that many of the guest see the bride before her wedding, so it is important to create a fun atmosphere where everyone will enjoy themselves. Spend the time celebrating and wishing the bride good luck!

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