Monday, August 8, 2011

Hello and Something DIY-ed

For my ninth birthday my aunt gave me a wedding magazine. To me it was an inch think wonderland filled with exquisite dresses and enticing rings. I poured over that magazine making notes by the dresses I liked and drawing big X's over the ones I thought were "just hideous."

Hello everyone, my name is Devin and I'm honored to be a new contributor to Something Borrowed. I'm a journalism student hoping to one day write for a magazine or newspaper. I work and play in the Sonoran Desert where sun screen and a large iced tea are daily necessities.

Since my ninth birthday I've grown more than a little, but my interest in all things wedding related has remained. And yes, I happen to have a file on my computer where I've been saving wedding pictures for years. I follow many wedding blogs and occasionally indulge in an episode of Bridezillas or Say Yes to the Dress.

Currently Do It Yourself (DIY) is my favorite wedding trend. I have come across so many creative people who make their weddings personal and beautiful, and save money in the process. In a time of economic downfall for many, this is a way to be able to have a unique and memorable wedding without incurring extra debt.

This DIY is a great example of a quick way to make wedding shoes go from good to great. Not everyone would think of this on their own (I certainly wouldn't) but can now take advantage of someone else's "Aha!" moment.

This is merely the beginning if you haven't researched DIY projects before, and if you have you know that there are always new discoveries to be made.


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