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Featured Vendor: Shannon K. Photography!

Well, readers it is time! I am so excited to finally do a feature post on my first photography vendor, Shannon K. Photography. Shannon has been great to work with so far, and I am so excited to continue working with her in the future. She is based out of Tucson, Arizona, so pay attention AZ brides! Her business may be young, but her fierce love for photography and weddings make for some great photos. I recently was given the opportunity to ask her some questions about herself, her business and her experience with weddings. This is what she had to say... 

All of the pictures displayed are by Shannon K. Photography

SB: Tell us a little bit about yourself.

SKP: I’m married and have three children. Two with my husband and one is his son (my stepson). I have a fetish for flip flops and pj’s. Seriously, can’t walk past flip flops or pj’s without buying them. I laugh really loud, I cry at commercials, I’ve never met a dessert I haven’t liked, my favorite colors are blue and yellow, I love my dog, and I sing in public. Hmm, perhaps I should mention I can be a bit random ;)

SB: Name one fun fact about yourself.

SKP: My favorite number is 13!

SB: How long have you been a photographer?

SKP: My tenure is still pretty young in the photography industry. I have been photographing professionally for about one and a half years, and I am loving every single second. 

SB: How did you get started?

SKP: I have had a camera in my hand for about as long as I can remember. But for Christmas one year my dad bought me my first DSLR. It was a Canon Rebel Xsi. I fell in love, and from that moment on was hungry for every morsel I could find having to do with photography. My hunger for photography knowledge is still insatiable, and my passion for the industry is second only to the passion I have for my children.

SB: What does photography mean to you?

SKP: It’s impossible to put into words all that photography means to me. It’s the ability to capture a moment, a connection, a memory and freeze it in time. It’s a single glance between a couple that they didn’t even know I caught. It’s the laugh frozen on a face that you just KNOW came from way deep down…you can almost hear the laughter just looking at the photo. Photography is so much about connections. Connections to each other, and connections to who we are right now. I never cease to be in awe of the power of a photo to tell a story, to evoke emotion, and to help relive a memory. Photography is not my job, it’s an extension of who I am.

SB: When did you turn your passion into a business?

SKP: Photography went from just a love and passion to a business when my friends began to refer me to their friends. When I very first began, I photographed all my friends for free just so I could get experience. Then, people began asking them who did their photos. When people actually started seeking me out, I decided to make it legitimate.

SB: What types photography do you specialize in?

SKP: I am a wedding and lifestyle photographer. Which is a fancy way of saying I photograph weddings, engagements, and families. I also photograph high school seniors, though I don’t target that market. Maternity and newborn photography is beautiful, but not my thing. So I am always happy to refer people who come to me looking for those types of photos.

SB: What is your business motto.

SKP: Over deliver. Every. Time. I think it’s a sickness I have, but I am never satisfied with what I did yesterday. Tomorrow always has to be better. So, I fight hard to exceed expectations with every client.

SB: How does your pricing work? 

SKP: I keep it very simple. If for no other reason than to make my life easier. My wedding coverage begins at $1500, and can be tailored to suit each couple. Engagement sessions are always included for my wedding couples, but as a standalone are $450.00 and include all the images from our session on a disc. My portrait sessions are currently $250.00, which covers the session time itself and includes 10 images on a disc.

SB: What is your favorite part about shooting a wedding.

SKP: Being able to witness the love, hope and joy a couple has on the day that they are beginning a new life together just never gets old. Documenting one of their most important days is a privilege…and I never forget that.

SB: How does a typical day of shooting a wedding work?

SKP: A typical day definitely follows a timeline, and that is so dependent on the bride. Some brides opt to do a sneak peek, or first look with their groom, and others wait to see each other when the bride comes down the aisle. That makes a tiny difference in the flow of the day. I won’t bore you with the details of an entire schedule…but a tip I’d offer up to you brides would be to be sure to schedule enough time for bride and groom photos. Don’t skimp there. Those are going to be the photos you’ll print, and want in albums, etc.

SB: What are some of your specialty shots for weddings?

SKP: I don’t have any canned shots at all. So, I don’t think it would be fair to say that I have any specialty shots. Rather, I can tell you about my style which is very fresh, fun and clean. I like my photographs to actually look like photographs, so I don’t do a lot to them in post processing. Here, l believe that less is more.

SB: How many weddings do you book in a year? 

SKP: I won’t book any more than 25 weddings in a year. This really allows me to make sure that nobody loses, and everybody gets 100% of my attention when I am working for them. It also allows me to have time with my family, which is hugely important!

SB: Is there a specific type of wedding you like to shoot? 

SKP: I adore all weddings, but the bride that I connect with best is can laugh at herself and have a good time. She’s warm and outgoing. She probably loves Ann Taylor Loft, J. Crew, and a little bit of Target. She knows what she wants, but is not OCD about it. Oh, and if she has a sweet tooth, she and I will be wearing best friend necklaces in no time!

See! I knew you would like her! For more information on Shannon K. Photography please visit her website by clicking on the link. You can also like her on Facebook or follow her on Twitter!


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