Friday, August 19, 2011

Hot and Not

In case you haven’t noticed, weddings have become an extremely important part of our society. I mean they always have been, but now it’s all about who can have the most creative wedding, how many DIY decorations you can have, and for a very small minority of people, how much money is spent on their wedding. Did you know that the average wedding in today’s society costs over $25,000? Crazy right?!? 

Even though many weddings are super expensive, a number of brides are looking for any way possible to save money. Most of the time, decorations are the first thing to go. Instead of gorgeous DIY decorations such as mason jar flower vases or window pane placement settings, some brides are cutting corners to an extreme! Now ladies, there are some decorations that are just too tacky and cheap to be used in a wedding. For those of you who disagree with me, I apologize, but I feel like some decorations should be used for showers, birthdays, and other various parties and not weddings! 

For instance, keep balloons and streamers away from the ceremony and reception site. Some balloon arrangements can be made in an elegant and tasteful manner, but most of the time, that is not what brides use. Take a look at some of the decorations that are a “not” and how they can be replaced with something “hot”.

The first "Not" decoration we have are balloons. Now, like I said before, they have the potential to look really elegant if done right. However, this is an example of the type of balloon decoration that you should stay away from. 

As you can see, these balloon arrangements are extremely tacky looking. This is not something that should ever be at a wedding. You can easily find giant size round balloons that are much more tasteful and appropriate. Like the ones shown below.

The next decoration in the "Not" category are streamers. Streamers are perfect for a birthday party or a baby shower, but have no place in a wedding. 

Now these streamers can be easily replaced with a new trend that is also very inexpensive. Ripped fabric has recently taken over for DIY and vintage weddings and you can see why. All you wold have to do is go to your local arts and crafts store and pick out 3 or 4 different fabrics that you like. Cut or rip them into shapes and hang them where you would like. 

The final "Not" I have today is the abusing the use of lights. I love lights as wedding decorations, but sometimes people tend to go overboard. Simple lights complement any wedding decorations, but if you overuse them it will turn into a hot mess.

If you are looking to do something more unique, yet still beautiful a great idea is to use is mason jars or hanging lanterns.

So the moral of the story is to be careful when choosing decorations for your wedding. Most of the "Nots" and turn into "Hots" with a little planning and a lot of creativity.


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