Thursday, July 14, 2011

This Is a Man’s World...Sometimes

The Groom. Weddings would not exist without a groom, so why is it that most of them are so disconnected with the wedding itself? I’ve met many brides who have completely planned their wedding without the groom’s help at all. Let me just say… men, if you do not want to wear something pink on your wedding day, then maybe you should be involved in the process a little more. Now I’m not saying that all men are like this, because there are some great guys out there who are planning every detail of their wedding right beside their bride-to-be, but how can we get all men to be like this? Well ladies, I’m not sure there is an answer for it. However, I believe that we have gone to great lengths to bring the groom’s personality back into the wedding. More grooms and groomsmen are wearing the shoes and socks they like, such as colored vans and plaid socks. They are also beginning to just wear dress slacks and a buttoned up shirt, while sometimes adding the vest and tie. Men are also stepping away from flower boutonnieres and wearing a little greenery or some feathers. The biggest change the wedding industry has seen; however, has been the diverse color schemes for the weddings. Sure there is still a lot of pink and purple, only now we see more grays, dark blues, yellows, oranges and tans. Not only are these colors more “masculine” in a sense, but they are also something new and fresh and open up a wide variety of decoration choices. Also, we see that brides are pairing gray and dark blue with a more “feminine” accent color such as magenta or aqua. Many times we see the pinks, purples and blues used in the flower arrangements and bridesmaid’s accessories, so they are still very noticeable, without being overpowering.  So men, get a little more involved in planning. I guarantee that if the couple talks about the theme and color scheme together, that everyone will be happy. Plus, guests will be able to see hints of both the bride and the groom’s personality, which is what a wedding is supposed to be about anyways, right? 

Here are some examples of groom style.
{image via Weddingtipster's}
{image via Elizabeth Anne Designs}

{image via The Knot}
{image via The Sweetest Occasion}    


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