Wednesday, July 13, 2011

For The Love Of Mason Jars…

If you haven’t been able to tell, DIY weddings have been HUGE since the economic downfall in 2008. Brides have been turning to small wedding projects in order to save money, yet still have the wedding they desire. Who doesn’t love designing their own wedding decorations anyways? With DIY on the rise, people have also begun to see an increase in rustic and vintage style weddings. They are personally my favorite because of the endless decoration possibilities! Recently, the creativity has really been flowing when it comes to the use of mason jars. Brides have found a number of ways to include this inexpensive and simple decoration in their wedding. From candy bars to candle holders, table center pieces to wedding favors, you can never go wrong when using mason jars as decorations.

Here are some examples of mason jars at use.
{image via A Stunning Affair}
 Here we see mason jars used as hanging candle/flower holders. Once it gets dark outside the candles really come alive and add an intimate feel to the event, while during the day it gives the event a vintage feel.
{Image via 77inspire}

If you are planning on a small wedding, mason jars can be used as both a table placement and a glass for your guests to drink out of. I say small wedding because, as you can tell, each glass is personalized with the guest's name. Cute right???

{image via Bunches Direct}
  Here is the most popular way to use a mason jar... a table centerpiece. Because the mason jars are so simple, they complement any style. In this picture, you can see the centerpiece has more of a simple vintage look. The peach and sage color scheme can also be used in a rustic theme as well.

{image via Fried Green Pickles}
  Mason jars are also a great way to decorate the ceremony aisle. They are always a great spring/summer decoration and we can see here that they go great with bright colors.
{image via The Papercandee}
This last idea is something that may take some time preparing, but the guests are sure to love this sweet treat as a wedding favor. Not only is it inexpensive for the jar and ingredients, but it is also very festive!

No matter what use you may have of mason jars, they are sure to add some sparkle to your wedding. You can buy the jars for about $10 for 12 jars and depending on how many you want they are usually cheaper when bought in bulk. So put your creative cap on and use some mason jars in your wedding!

Happy Canning!!!


  1. The hanging jars are wonderful for weddings or backyards. Do you know how they attached the rope/ twine?

  2. Hanging jars are so cute! I love how it is being set up.. Very creative..
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