Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Dress Dilemma!

If you have ever been involved in a wedding before, you know how hard it is to find a dress that makes all the bridesmaids happy. There are so many factors that take place when choosing a dress. If you are having more then two or three bridesmaids in your wedding, finding a dress to fit everyone is almost always impossible. No one person has the same body type, so it is important to find a dress that compliments every girl’s body. How can you do this? Well, there are a couple of things you can do to ease the frustration.

The first choice, and by far the smartest, is to have each bridesmaid choose their own dress. Give them a specific color to work with. Don’t just say a blue dress, say a royal blue dress or give them a swatch to work with. Have them go to the store of their choice and pick out a dress that flatters their body type, exhibits their personality, and is something they will be happy with. It is actually very interesting to see the diversity in the dresses; however, because they are all the same color they coordinate together. Also, if you let them chose their own dress, and then have them all wear the same shoes and accessories which will also add to the wedding party harmonization. The only caution I would warn you of is the style of the dress. If you are having an elegant winter theme, then a short summer dress would not mix well. To avoid this, give the bridesmaids an idea of what you are looking for and what style your dress will be. It is important that the bridesmaids’ dresses have something in common with the bride’s dress whether it is a vintage theme, same material, or similar detailing.

Another option for the dress could be a wrap dress. A wrap dress allows each girl to create their own top by wrapping the dress material in different ways. Each bridesmaid would technically have the same dress on; they would just be styled in a different way. For instance, one girl could have a strapless dress, while another has spaghetti straps with an intricate back.

If you are insistent on having everyone wear the same dress it is smart to stick to a simple dress that will work for everyone. I suggest that you go with your entire group to a store at the same time. Have each girl measured throughout the bust, waste and hips. The bridesmaid’s dress should be sized based off of the largest measurement and then can be altered to fit the rest of her body. Alterations are vital when using the same dress because each body is different. However, alterations can be quite expensive if there is a lot that needs to be done, so it would be best to choose a dress that already works with every girl’s body type. There are two styles of dress that work best on everyone’s body. The a-line dress is great for curvy pear shaped girls. The a-line is a snug upper body with a loose-fitting bottom. An empire silhouette is also a great choice. The empire dress has a high-waist, gathered just under the bust with a loose bottom, which slims down the body. The style accentuates the bust and also helps to lengthen the body's appearance. For bridesmaids with an hourglass figure, a form-fitting strapless or halter dress will work best.

Of course the bride has the final say, but the bridesmaids are the ones paying for the dress and you want them all to look good. It is important that your bridesmaids are happy and comfortable in the selection you choose because they will be wearing the dress the entire day.

{image via getmarried.com}
Here is an example of a wrap dress. This particular dress can create up to 10 different styles, which allows bridesmaids a lot of flexibility.

[image via Wedding Bee}
[image via NC Weddings}
{image via Wedding Activities} 
These are all examples of your bridesmaids choosing their own dress. In this case all of the dresses are the same color, length and style; however, each dress compliments the woman's body.

{image via La Belle Bride}
This is an example of all the bridesmaids wearing the same exact dress. This particular dress is an empire silhouette. You can see that each girl has a slightly different body style; however, the empire dress fits them all very well.

{image via Bridesmaid Dresses}
This is an example of the a-line bridesmaid dress. You can see the dress has a fitted top, while flaring out at the skirt. The dress is perfect for petite women, as well as curvier women shown in the picture.


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