Monday, July 11, 2011

The Beggining....

Planning a wedding can be fun, exciting, and yet stressful. For many brides, they feel overwhelmed by the endless possibilities that make up a wedding.Where should a bride start? Well there are a couple things that should be decided before anything else.

1. The date
2. The budget
3. The type of wedding i.e. destination, large, small
4.The guest list
Once these four things are finalized, it will make planning the rest of the wedding go a lot smoother. The date will be the first question every vendor will ask you. It is important to set a date at the very beginning so that everyone has enough time to prepare, whether it be for vendors preparing food or floral arrangements, family members who are from out of town, or for the bride to plan the wedding. 
The budget is probably the biggest factor in deciding what type of wedding you are going to have, so try to get as close in estimate as possible. Come up with a plan about how you are coming up with the money. If your parents are helping, make sure everyone is on the same page with the price. Some brides may want to create a separate savings account at the bank that will only be used for wedding funds, this way it will help track costs.
The type of wedding is also an vital first step when planning the wedding. The couple must choose if they would like a small, intimate wedding or a large wedding. This also includes the location of the wedding. Destination weddings are becoming more popular with the economic downturn. Many couples decide that they would rather take a trip with their closest family and friends for a small wedding in a tropical location.
The last portion that is a must for the beginning stages of the planning is the guest list. This does not have to be exact, in fact many people go through their guest list two or three times when planning a wedding. However, by getting an idea of how many people will attend the search for a wedding venue will be a lot easier. Also, a guest list helps couples see how many children and elderly people will be invited to the wedding, which can have an effect on the location and style of the wedding. 

It is important to keep all of the wedding information together, so it would be wise to create a folder or binder. This way, all of the wedding ideas and information are kept together in an organized fashion. 

Happy Planning!!!

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