Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A Sugary Twist On Wedding Favors!

The married life can be so sweet! A fairly new trend is to use unique edible wedding favors at a wedding. The most recent craze is to have a candy station at your reception. Couples are shying away from the traditional candy covered almonds wrapped in netting and instead are opting for cheerful candies that match their wedding color scheme. M&M’s, skittles and jellybeans are just some favorites, but many brides are taking things a step further and adding gum balls, mints, and an assortment of chocolate. The candy is usually exhibited in different glass candy dishes that come in all shapes and sizes. Guests are given personalized bags or boxes that can be filled with the candy and taken home as a keepsake. This is a very inexpensive wedding favor because most of the candy and packaging can be bought in bulk; however, if you decide to personalize the cost will be slightly higher. The packaging can display a picture of the couple, the date of the wedding, a favorite saying and, of course, a thank you to their guests for being part of their special day. M&M’s can also personalized with a picture or a saying as well! Whether your big day is a black-tie affair or a destination wedding, there are so many fun and festive favors that will leave a lasting impression. So, here’s your chance to be creative and satisfy your guests’ sweet tooth!

Here are some examples of candy bars!

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Happy Snacking!!!

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